E tudo sobre a bola a musica e a magica que voce faiz

It’s all about the ball and the music and the magic you do! Mike G

The Alegria School of Samba Style Soccer

‘Futebol Alegria’

An intoduction to the Samba style and philosophy. An extravaganza of football artistry and magic for all ages. Includes futsal and juggling brilliance along with CD of original Samba Style sounds. (40 minutes.)

Available now: $29.95

‘Feel the Joy’ (For advanced skill level)

Taking it the next level with Mike B, Mike G and the music of Evanaldo. The demonstration and instruction (slow motion) of levels of juggling brilliance and 7 step sequence of sensational futsal moves. Features N.Z. U-17, Northhamption Town and N.Z round-the-world record holder (28!) Michael Built. Comes with juggling chart.

Available now: $29.95

‘Samba Style Futsal’

A music and skill based programme for young players (6-12 year olds) to develop soccer artistry, rhythm and happy feet. Mike instructs, inspires and encourages young players to have fun practising and performing their skills to the samba sounds. (40 minutes.)

Available now: $29.95

Music CD ‘Vivo Samba’

Original Samba style songs and incantations that capture and activate the joy of the jogo bonito. A must to listen too while playing, practising or preparing.

Song titles:
Vivo Samba
Joga Futebol
Levo lo para o Samba
Futebol Alegria
Can you feel the Ginga
When you’ve got the samba
Feel the joy (live)
The Samba Boys
Ter um pe Feliz
The Joy Revolution

Available now: $19.95

Childrens’ Story

‘Tony and the Talking Football’ Written by M. Groom (B. Ed) Illustrated by C. Coates A magical tale of a young boy who lives with his ball in a world of colour, music, dreams, footballing artistry and beauty. Book comes with CD of Tony’s favourite songs, an oral version of the story (read by Mike G) and a short DVD of Tony’s favourite football skills.

Available now: $29.95

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