E tudo sobre a bola a musica e a magica que voce faiz

It’s all about the ball and the music and the magic you do! Mike G

The Alegria School of Samba Style Soccer

As a consequence of the breathtaking Brasilian-style artistry that is developed from playing futsal to the original samba-style sounds, many young players have developed the speed, skill, rhythm and flair to take them to New Zealand representation and high honors. All the players overleaf have attended Samba Style Futsal for at least 5 years. They have the GINGA - the uncontainable spirit and sway of the samba style.

Colin Murphy

Started in 2000, came for 7 years.

Colin is soon to take up his 4 year soccer scholarship to Boston College. Recently he returned to N.Z. and visited a samba style class in Auckland where he played with the sway and smile like old times. He also attended a training session in Hamilton. It was abundantly clear in his training session that the pure joy he played with as a youngster in the futsal classes was still there. His play was simply scintillating as the joy shone in his soul.

Here in action against Brazil in U-17 World Cup, 2007

Chris Wood

Started in 2000, came for 7 years.

What an inspiration it was for everybody to see Chris back to the place that witnessed his rise to becoming New Zealand’s latest soccer sensation. Fresh from his debut in The English Premiership and his debut for the National team at The Confederations Cup against Spain, Chris trained with the St Paul’s 1st Eleven squad. His play at training was inspiring for all: powerful, skilful, supremely confident and breathtaking. No one present will forget the bicycle kick he performed. Receiving a pass from 25 metres away, with his back to the goal and shooting at a 5 a-side goal 30 metres away he unleashed a spectacular bicycle kick that hit the cross-bar of the small goal. Everyone stood awestruck. That’s Chris – awesome! We look forward to following his fortunes with West Bromwich and The All-Whites.

Here in action against Brazil in U-17 World Cup, 2007

Michael Fitzgerald

Started classes on 2002 for 4 years.

Michael’s footballing artistry has taken him to the J-League in Japan where the team Alberix Niigata were quick to see the beauty and style of his play. Michael may be back in NZ for Christmas 2009 and hopefully he can make the nostalgic return to the samba scene which he blessed with his brilliant football artistry. Presently Michael is working with his club on getting his residency so that in the future he can be on their books as a resident rather than a foreigner.

Michael Built

Started in 2000, came for 9 years.

Presently, Michael is immersed in football – living and breathing it as he has since the day he arrived at the samba style classes as an eager and enthusiastic 9 year old. He is preparing for the U-17 World Cup later this year, playing for his school (St Paul’s Collegiate) on Saturday mornings, and for his club in the afternoons in the top mens’ competition. All this while preparing to take up his contract with Northampton Town in the weeks ahead. Nevertheless, he still found time to share his astonishing artistry and the inspiration of his skills with the youngsters at the latest Hamilton holiday programme.

Adam Thomas

Started in 2000, came for 7 years'.

Like Michael, Adam is avidly preparing for this years U-17 World Cup. It was great to see him back in Hamilton and to see him return to the place (St Paul’s Gym) where he spent so much time developing his dazzling foot skills and speed. The magic of his play was clear to see and the “rhythm and freedom” of his play; a joy to watch. He attended (along with Michael Built) the holiday programme and taught the youngsters his most spectacular move – The Twister. It is a move of style, sway and speed which characteristises the way Adam plays. “Playing samba style futsal has greatly improved my skills and feel for the ball, through the rhythm and freedom in the music.” - Adam Thomas.

Hayden Johns

Started in 2003 for 4 years.

Hayden is in his second to last year at Columbia where he is completing his 4-year soccer scholarship. In 2007 Hayden got noticed. His first Collegiate goal was a world-class strike at UC Santa Barbara. He was described as a “…confident, classy midfielder.” In 2008 his season was interrupted by injury but in 2009 he is again showing the power and purpose of his play as the picture testifies.

Sam Heenan

Started in 2003 for 4 years.

Sam was signed by Shrewsbury Town and played for their youth team. He was soon recognised for his talent and technical ability. When he attended the classes his futsal skills were a joy to watch – Sam was the personification of the jogo bonito – he played with such joy, freedom and expression. Sam is beginning to further his professional career with appearances for Rhyl. Commenting on Samba Style futsal Sam said "...this has helped me heaps technically".