E tudo sobre a bola a musica e a magica que voce faiz

It’s all about the ball and the music and the magic you do! Mike G

The Alegria School of Samba Style Soccer

The contribution of football and music creates happiness. The songs on the CD are inspired by the jogo bonito from Brazil. They are written and performed by brilliant kiwi musicians whose musical artistry celebrates the joy, beauty, style and spirit of the samba boys football artistry. By listening to these songs and playing with the ball, doing tricks and flicks and moves and grooves, the listener(s) will become incarnated with the rhythm and spirit of the samba style. These songs and sounds are magical and rhythmical incantations that awaken the GINGA – the soul and sway synonymous with the Brasilian style.

Listen to 30 second music extracts:

1. Vivo Samba

2. Leva lo para o samba

3. Can you feel the Ginga?

4. When you’ve got the samba

5. The Samba Boys

Vivo Samba

Words, melody and vocals Mike G. Music by Matt Bentley.

This is a dance-style song that activates and inspires the player to capture the magic and rhythm that awakens the ginga; the rhythm that enlivens the player and the ball with the vitality of the samba. This song is about movement. With this song in their hearts, the players can ‘move it’ and ‘groove it’ like the samba boys from Brasil as they sing ‘Vivo, vivo, vivo Samba’

Leva Lo Para O Samba

Words Music and vocals by Evanaldo.

The title of this song translates to ‘move it to the samba?’ The rhythms and lyrics in the song activate the energy and expression of the samba style. Soon the player will begin to move and sway with joy, freedom and ginga.

Can you feel the Ginga?

Words and music by Sam Hewat. Vocals: Matt Bentley and the Ginga Boys.

This song expresses all the passion of the ginga and inspires the listener to play in the ‘samba way’. The solos in the song conjure up images of the ginga player swaying as they’re playing, with mesmerizing moves, magic and skill on the field.

When you’ve got the samba

Words and melody by Mike G. Music by Sam Hewat. Vocals Matt Bentley.

What does it take to be a samba player? This song not only celebrates futebol, but also defines and describes the characteristics and qualities of the samba player. Essential to this, and referred to in the chorus, is to ‘Danca Danca Danca': Dance with the ball!

The Samba Boys

Words and melody Mike G. Instrumentals performed by Sam Hewat. Vocals: Michael Build, Dylan Groom, Mike G, Sam Hewat (harmonies).

Here's a sunshine song featuring some of the young stars of the samba style school. 'Slammin' Sam Hewat lays down the rhythm and spirit with guitar and bongos and adds still more Alegria with skat singing and harmonies. The rest of the samba boys join the fun.

Evan Davies

Evan is a professional musician and a true futebol brother. His song ‘Leva lo para o Samba’ was the first samba style original. Evan loves football played with joy and freedom like the samba boys from Brasil. His song ‘feel the joy’ says it all 'A.L.E.G.R.I.A, just one word in your heart when you play!'

Sam Hewat

Sam is an extraordinary young man and musician; he is also an electrifying football player. He has written the words and music to some of the school's coolest songs – ‘can you feel the ginga’ is a classic! Sam’s favourite word is ‘Alegria’. He is Alegria.

From Left: Dylan Groom, Michael Built, Sam Hewat and Mike G