E tudo sobre a bola a musica e a magica que voce faiz

It’s all about the ball and the music and the magic you do! Mike G

The Alegria School of Samba Style Soccer

Classes consist of one hour of technical exercises and one hour of futsal games. In the first hour, sensational samba style moves such as the Flip-Flap, the Ginga and the Pedaladas are synchronized with inspiring samba style songs. These song rhythmically and lyrically connect with techniques. Through repetition and rhythm the young player soon associates certain sounds with certain moves and begins to absorb the GINGA, which is the soul, sway and Samba of the boys from Brazil.


In the true spirit of the Brasilian style, juggling is encouraged and developed from the basic level through to the highest levels of artistry. The programme takes the players on a progressive technical journey where they obtain mastery through a love of playing with the ball. The tricks make this a fun-filled journey as kids discover the JOY of attaining a skill after hours of practice.

Playing Pelada

Following the hour of technical skills, futsal games of fun, freedom, alegria and artistry are played to samba style songs that celebrate and express the joy of the jogo bonito (beautiful game). This is the ultimate context for the development of confidence and self-belief.

Holiday programmes

Holiday programmes These are extended versions of the classes. Technical skills are further developed and taken to higher levels. The longer time frame afforded in the daily programme allows for many more games of pelada futsal to the effervescent sounds and songs. Frequently, and whenever possible the older samba stars and N.Z. players (Colin Murphy, Michael Built, Adam Thomas) share their joy, skill, artistry and passion with the youngsters.


Classes are held weekly in Hamilton and fortnightly in Auckland.

Specialised classes

Mike loves to spread his message of futebol artistry, music and magic. He has travelled throughout New Zealand and as far as Rarotonga and the USA to do this. With an extensive range of resources he can visit and share the joy, passion and the experience of Samba Style Futsal. The youngsters can relive through the music and artistry that shines in the resources available.