E tudo sobre a bola a musica e a magica que voce faiz

It’s all about the ball and the music and the magic you do! Mike G

The Alegria School of Samba Style Soccer

The school was formed in 2000. It is located in Hamilton, New Zealand. The school celebrates football artistry, technical brilliance, expression and joy (alegria). Sensational samba moves, along with dribbling and juggling sequences are taught. These are combined with the fast-paced game of futsal, played freely to inspiring and uplifting original Alegria songs. These songs express the joy of futebol and activate happy hearts and happy feet; this awakens the ginga – the uncontainable sway and spirit of the samba style.

Colin Murphy

Boston College 2009 (Full soccer scholarship)
New England All-Stars 2008
N.Z. U-17, 2007

“Playing samba style futsal to the Alegria music has opened up for me a whole new level of creativity and skill with the ball. It has taught me to sway as I play and fear nothing on the pitch.”

Michael Built

N.Z. U-17 2009

Northamption Town 2009

“When I play Samba style futsal with the music and juggle the ball, I feel the rhythm and sway and always play with a smile on my dial.” more

Chris Wood

N.Z. U-17 2007

N.Z. All-Whites 2009

West Bromwich Albion 2009

“Playing Samba style futsal to the Alegria music helped me reach my soccer goals. The smaller ball and confined space helped develop and sharpen my shielding and shooting skills.”

Michael Fitzgerald

Alberix, J. League Japan

“Samba style futsal heightened Michael’s desire to achieve his dream… it gave him self-belief and opened his mind to the music unique to playing football… and lifted his game to a whole new level.”
-Mrs Koleti Fitzgerald.